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The website Positive News publishes an article titled The city where ‘the future has already arrived’, dedicated to the city of Utrecht in the Netherlands and its pioneering vision towards greenery and sustainability, describing the specifics of the Wonderwoods project by Stefano Boeri Architetti, currently under construction, as the focal point of this positive attitude.

Developed by Stefano Boeri Architetti and MVSA Architects, the Wonderwoods project aims to create an advanced experience of cohabitation between city and living nature in the center of Utrecht, within the new Healthy Urban Quarter. The project includes a novel interpretation of the Vertical Forest, standing at 105 meters tall and capable of housing approximately 200 apartments of various types and for different users: primarily young professionals, workers, and families. The tower will accommodate around 50,000 plants of 30 different species on its facades, equivalent to the vegetation of a hectare of forest. The building is not only a model of biodiversity of living species but also of mixed activities and functions.

“In the Netherlands, there is a lot of rain, and in the basement, a basin has been designed to collect it for recycling: pipes reach every plant. Maintenance is entrusted to a company that has been tasked with safeguarding the greenery for 25 years. A service that will cost residents about 60 euros per month, equivalent to a bouquet of flowers per week. When completed, Wonderwoods will host more than 360 trees, 9,000 shrubs, and 10,000 plants. I feel privileged to work on this project,” declares Hedzer Pathuis, the project manager on-site.

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