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As part of Omnibus, a news and in-depth analysis programme broadcast on La7, Stefano Boeri talks with Gianluca Galletto after a speech by former New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio about New York’s urban policies and whether they can also be applied to Italy’s big cities.

“One of the most interesting proposals is to imagine having a school of public administration in Italy as well, on the French model, which would allow the construction of a true culture of government and public administration. On the other hand, on the subject of social housing, there is a triple issue: on the one hand there is the investment to have more public housing buildings, which are aimed at users who have a low income; then there is a theme of social housing, i.e. housing developed also by private individuals that is aimed at that share of the population that is not able to access the free market – and this is the largest group, especially young people, who today do not have the possibility of finding houses to rent in the centres of the largest Italian cities; finally there is the theme of uninhabited housing: we have in Italy millions of buildings and offices that are abandoned or underutilised, so why not imagine a law that incentivises owners to transform these spaces into residences for young people, where we can also experiment with hybrid housing types? ” says Stefano Boeri.

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