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interview with stefano boeri

stefano boeri su l'officiel

L’Officiel publishes an interview by Giulia Gilebbi with Stefano Boeri on the occasion of the opening of the Salone del Mobile, held in Milan April 17-23.

The article focuses on design of the past and present, from the masters Zanuso, Munari, Mari, the Castiglioni brothers to Sottsass, taking the Milan Triennale as a point of reference in the year of its centenary.

“Italian design has always overcome the rationalist form-function dichotomy. The most successful objects have an unquestionable and innovative functional value, and at the same time an aesthetic and symbolic one that is not limited to celebrating their beauty. It is dream, it is imaginary, it is reflection,” explains Stefano Boeri, who then continues from the object with a reflection to the city: “The cities of the future are the specialized habitat that man has chosen to live in. In the next few years, also due to climate change, migration flows are expected to increase with an estimated 250 million refugees, who will flow mainly to the ever-expanding metropolises, where resources are consumed and poverty is concentrated.”

“An environmental, social and cultural plan is needed. Green cannot be reduced to decorum, real forest-cities must develop: from energy self-sufficiency, capable of absorbing CO2 and sustainable mobility. Electricity is a necessary step. Milan ranks well if we consider the trends of recent years, bad for shaded area, air pollution and car ownership. These are the challenges ahead.” And the one for young designers? “Discovering their talents by being guided by obsessions rather than passions. It is a complex job that takes time,” concludes Stefano Boeri.

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