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Intervista di Stefano Boeri su La Repubblica

For La Repubblica, Carlo Annovazzi interviews Stefano Boeri on the future of Milan and the main issues that will closely touch the city in the upcoming years.

Included in a broader in-depth study related to the Lombard city and its post-pandemic changes, the article focuses on the city’s new urban design and housing issues, a pressing aspect of Milan’s present and future.

“[Milan] is in the grip of a frenzied reaction to the pandemic. There is a rush to do more but this is not the model we had envisioned as post Covid. The truth is that we have not yet come out of the nightmare, we have not yet processed the mourning,” declares Stefano Boeri, who then also adds “[The risk is] That Milan will become a city for the affluent elderly. Instead, Milan will have a future if it can hold on to the
young people. families With housing and subsidized prices. The municipality is doing important social housing policies and that is the way to go. And then even more attention to the environment. Traffic has gone crazy again. and that’s not good. And finally, there is a decisive step to be taken: to really develop the Metropolitan City.”

“Instead, if we really thought about the involvement of the 133 hinterland municipalities, if we further developed connecting public transport, then the opportunities to feel part of a whole and to be able to live within this whole would become concrete. Paris and London have done this, for example, yet they are larger and more complicated,” concludes Stefano Boeri.

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