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Lungomare di cagliari su Italian Architects

Within the Italian Architects website, an article titled “Italian Waterfronts, the City-Port as an Urban Category” explores some of the most significant projects related to the relationship with the marine element. Among these projects is “A Green Promenade for the Seafront of Cagliari,” presented by the temporary grouping of MATE Società Cooperativa, Stefano Boeri Architetti, StudioSilva, S.T.P., MIC-HUB.

Presented alongside projects for Venice, Genoa, and Ventimiglia, the intervention for the seafront of Cagliari involves the redevelopment of the Via Roma promenade, an intervention on the Porto front, and the arrangement of Piazza Matteotti.

The new urban and landscape intervention aims to restore the social and environmental value of Cagliari’s seafront through a green promenade that recalls the original 19th-century function of Via Roma. Building on the Cagliari tradition of tree-lined avenues, the project defines a continuous public, pedestrian, and shaded space that serves as a “green lung” and a connecting element, both longitudinally between the FFSS Station and Piazza Ingrao and transversely between the city and the sea.

In particular, the design intervention aims to enhance the mixity character of the area to promote social inclusion and community cohesion, creating new centers of collective life in anticipation of future developments in the area towards the port.

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