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Il Giorno publishes an article dedicated to the reduction of emissions in building construction, citing Stefano Boeri Architetti’s project for the redevelopment of the Aler public housing of the U.O.G. Monza Brianza, designed with the objective of improving the housing quality of residents thanks to the architectural and energy regeneration of two buildings in via Baradello, in the heart of Monza’s productive area.

In particular, the intervention, which covers a total surface area of 8,270 square metres, initially sees a reconnection of the two buildings, at present characterised by a divided common space, which generates a caesura between the two communities. The creation of common green areas, connected by pedestrian paths and trees, overcomes this division, creating an accessible and shared environment for the inhabitants, while maintaining a distinct and clear identity for the two buildings.

On the architectural level, the building in via Baradello 12 envisages a series of punctual interventions on the façade, such as the replacement of window frames and the possibility of expanding the interior spaces with new balconies, supporting a system of climbing greenery. The project for the building at Via Baradello 6, in addition to the replacement of window frames and the ceramic cladding of the pillars, is characterised by the addition of continuous balconies that accommodate the climbing vegetation, anchored with a system of cables on the ground.

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