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August 21st, 2017

Feelings, thoughts and reflections one year after the earthquake of central Italy, by Emma Moriconi on the Giornale d’Italia.

“Each step forward, every conquest, every restaurant that reopens, every bar that raises the shutter, every house that is delivered is a joy. Every person who comes to Amatrice to embrace us, every family that reaches us for a greet, every little gesture of solidarity is a joy.”

“The road is to retrieve what is left, which we defend every day with our nails and teeth, and what has been built in the meantime: The Pole of Taste, Tradition and Solidarity, donated by many generous Italians, readers of Corriere and viewers of La7, thought by the genius of Stefano Boeri, is at Villa San Cipriano. It rises in a large plot of land that has seen, over the centuries, alternating generations of shepherds and peasants. It is our corner of peace today. Such generosity deserves the commitment of each of us: to reborn, for ourselves, for our children, for the generations to come, for those who have preceded us whom deserves everything we have. For our extraordinary wounded land. And for the many who spend each day to give us a smile. Whom today, we’re waiting to pay our debts, we can only say one word, but with all our heart: thank you.”–un-anno-fa.html