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intervista a stefano boeri

Intervista a Stefano Boeri su Huffpost

Huffpost publishes an interview with Stefano Boeri by Silvia Renda in the context of Singapore’s Design Week, addressing the most critical issues with respect to global warming in cities, with a focus on the solutions that the city is concretely putting in place.

Singapore, in fact, has already reached 37 degrees centigrade since last May. This is why it is encouraging the integration of greenery directly into buildings, offering financial incentives for rooftop gardens and vertical green façades – some of the most useful solutions in urban planning: with the most impressive investment against climate change: 65 billion to mitigate stifling temperatures, the cause of chronic diseases, heart attacks and kidney damage.

“Green and trees in car parks, in the streets. Light-coloured painted roofs. Buildings that promote ventilation. As a joke, it was once said that the Corviale blocked the Ponentino. It is only a joke, but it is true that urban planning that is oblivious to weather conditions can create problems.
We are in dire need of trees in parks, gardens, on roofs and in courtyards, more than ever at this moment in the history of our species on this planet. Foresting the cities is not only an act of caring for the plant world, but an act of survival,” says Stefano Boeri.

In Singapore, where Design Week is currently taking place, Stefano Boeri Interiors is participating with the FIND project.

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