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January 17th, 2018

Today on Donna Moderna, an article by Aldo Bonomi, sociologist, expert in territorial development, urban planning and forms of cohabitation, on the new green skyscraper designed by Stefano Boeri Architetti.

“The new skyscraper to be built in Eindhoven based on the model of the Vertical Forest in Milan is the first to be used for social housing and represents a disruptive project, the cutting edge of a change taking place in front of our eyes. Because it draws our attention to a matter that can not be ignored: an ecological way of living is no longer just an issue for the élite, but a priority of the entire population, of all social groups, even the poorest, as if to say that everyone is aware of their right/ duty to live in a house that respects the environment, and the Dutch building is there to say: “Why not?” Why don’t we make the whole city green? The fact of providing each apartment with a tree and 4 square meters of terrace, at affordable price, has a high symbolic value: it means that any citizen has a right for two essential things: a house, and his own corner of greenery”.