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Press release arketipo | a ministry for wood and forest

a ministry for wood and forest

September 30th, 2017

Stefano Boeri dedicates to the wood culture an editorial published on the Arketipo magazine. Explaining the meaning of forestation, namely the struggle against the progressive erosion of forests and, in countries like Italy, the importance of re-utilizing wood resource as a driving force for new development processes. The architect describes the many properties of this material, including elasticity and lightness, and emphasizes its adaptability to intervene in highly seismic contexts. Speaking about Amatrice and Norcia, Boeri addresses the issue of valorisation of the city; the work by Stefano Boeri Architetti is a tangible proof of the innovative use of this material. Wood in this sense has the characteristics to be one of the protagonists in securing the country, as evidenced by some virtuous examples of post-earthquake reconstruction in Emilia and Friuli territory, but Stefano Boeri‘s challenge of a “Ministry  for Wood and Forest” concerns Italy, both the business world, prefabrication and furnishings, and the world of knowledge, technology, research and universities.