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trudo vertical forest

Archdaily interviewed Stefano Boeri, founding partner of Stefano Boeri Architetti, regarding his approach to nature, environmental quality, and the studio’s projects implemented worldwide. The interview specifically highlights four Vertical Forest projects carried out in Europe.

“In Eindhoven, the Netherlands, we built our first social housing project. In Antwerp, we have a very simple L-shaped building where we had the opportunity to develop green roofs. In doing so, we managed to plant a significant number of trees, approximately 80, creating a familiar place for the tenants. Another interesting feature of Antwerp is the use of sliding glass windows towards the loggias, allowing for variable adjustment of the space dimensions. In Utrecht, we are constructing the first mixed-use Vertical Forest project, while in Brussels, we are experimenting with adding a green facade to an existing office building,” commented Stefano Boeri.

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