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Highlights the world in metropolises | stefano boeri

the world in metropolises
stefano boeri

Stefano Boeri a Il mondo nelle metropoli: l'antico e il futuro

Wednesday, May 22nd, at the Luigi Rovati Foundation, the event “The World in Metropolises: the Ancient and the Future” will take place, featuring Stefano Boeri in conversation with archaeologist Emanuele Greco.

On the occasion of the exhibition “Vulci. Producing for Humans. Producing for the Gods,” the Luigi Rovati Foundation is hosting a program of initiatives accompanying the months of the exhibition. The event featuring Stefano Boeri focuses on the significance of metropolitan cities and polycentrism, as well as the functions of the metropolis in terms of mobility, occupation of an increasingly expanded territory, population inclusion, and economic function. A focus on how the ancient model works for ever-growing cities, and what can be done to adapt the ancient model to modernity is also discussed.

In this context, Stefano Boeri will present some projects from the Stefano Boeri Architetti studio that develop the theme of the city of the future, such as the Smart Forest City in Cancun or the Metropolitan Constellation of Geneva, where the model of a self-sufficient, sustainable, and accessible city is the basis of the urban project.

The event will be moderated by sociologist Mario Abris.

All conferences will be published on the Foundation’s YouTube channel.

The meetings are free and open to the public, subject to available seating.

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