June 4, 2014
Stefano Boeri takes part to the 14. Architecture Biennale in Venice with 4 contributions:
BOSCO VERTICALE, the VERTICAL FOREST has been selected by the Italian Pavillion for the exhibition GRAFTS/INNESTI.
Opening @ Padiglione Italia, Arsenale, on: 6th June, h 17:00
LA MADDALENA, Stefano Boeri narrates the story of the project in the video installation LA MADDALENA by Ila Beka and Loiuse Lemoine within MONDITALIA exhibition.
Opening @ Corderie dell’Arsenale, on: 5th June
DWELL IN THE DESERT, SBA has been invited by the Moroccan Pavillion within the exhibition FUNDAMENTAL(ISM)S to DWELL IN THE DESERT.
Opening @ Padiglione Marocco, Arsenale on: 5th June, h15:45
THE TOMORROW A daily journal that encourages the narration of the City Europe will be launched through an installation within MONDITALIA and 2 meetings:
Marathon @ Swill Pavillion, Giardini, on: 5th June, h15:00-16:30
Domino Conversation @ Spazio Esedra, Giardini on 6th June, h14:00-15:00
Stefano Boeri is also involved in the following events during the opening of the Biennale:
FUNDAMENTAL #13: Real Estate and the Housing Question, a panel discussion hosted by Columbia University’s Buell Center for the Study of American Architecture
@ terrace of the Peggy Guggenheim Foundation, on 7th June, h10:00-13:00
RADICAL PEDAGOGIES, a panel discussion hosted by Princeton University on Italian pedagogy and radicalism.
@ Monditalia, Arsenale, on 7th June, h15:00-16:30
ACROSS CHINESE CITIES, opening and presentation of the exhibition by Beijing Design Week and DONTSTOP architettura.
@ Tesa 100, Arsenale Nord, on 6th June, h13:00-14:00