June 15, 2011

    Here you are some pictures from the construction site!

    The design project takes its cue from the demolition of the old Rizzoli building, creating a perfectly flat street front. On the inside, the volume has inflections that interrupt the evenness, and the tension is accentuated by the use of a completely glazed façade.Ecco qualche foto del cantiere!

    The rationality of the volumes bestows on the construction a kind of abstract restraint, a conceptual interpretation of the production of information by the company that occupies the building. The inflections in the building are, however, also the way in which this building interacts with its surroundings; on one side in particular it connects volumetrically to the existing building used by the Rizzoli publishing house. On the opposite side the decision to inflect the façade helps the double-height space of the main entrance to create a connection with the inner garden-court.

    The vertical-band design of the façade derives from a re-organisation of the vocabulary used throughout, so that the construction can be perceived as a unified whole. This solution has made it possible to create a deeper relationship between the external appearance/colour scheme and the internal functions/activities. The creation of alternating opaque and transparent parts produces a very regular rhythm along the entire building, which is given even greater complexity by a chromatic sub-structure that sets out to destroy the sense of regularity and heighten the overall visual effect.

    RCS A2 building

    Project information

    Location: Milan

    Commission: Preliminary project, definitive and artistic direction

    Year: 2009-2011

    Client: Iniziativa Immobiliare Due (INIMM2)

    Budget: 16.000.000 €

    Architectural Design: Stefano Boeri Architetti


    Stefano Boeri

    Marco Brega

    Davor Popovic


    Stefano Baseggio

    Marco Giorgio

    Dino Polverino

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