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italia green film festival
trudo vertical forest

Italia Green Film Festival Trudo Vertical Forest

Trudo Vertical Forest – a journey into the world’s first social housing Vertical Forest” has been selected by the Italia Green Film Festival 2024.

Italia Green Film Festival is an international film competition with environmental and social themes. It represents an important reality in the world panorama of Green and Social films with thousands of films coming from all corners of the world.

“Trudo Vertical Forest – a journey into the world’s first social housing Vertical Forest” is the video documentary about the experience of building the first Vertical Forest dedicated to social housing in Eindhoven, Netherlands, designed by Stefano Boeri Architetti and opened on September 30, 2021.

The building houses, in 19 floors, 125 units used for social housing, flexible to meet future amalgamation needs and capable of setting new housing standards for the sector. Each apartment provides in a limited square footage calibrated to the type of users for which it is intended (less than 50 square meters), having, however, the spatial extension offered by terraces of more than 4 square meters and the natural micro-environment formed by the presence on each of 1 tree and 20 shrubs. Overall, the Trudo Vertical Forest residential tower houses on the entirety of its four facades, developed for an altitude of 75 meters, as many as 135 trees of various species, to which are added about 5,200 smaller shrubs and plants and other vegetation, for a total of about 8,500 plants.

The documentary by The Blink Fish (directed by Stefano Santamato and produced by Paolo Soravia) sheds light-through insights and interviews with the protagonists of the project-on the development of the building that to date has become a new architectural icon in the Eindhoven skyline.
The film recounts the design process that Stefano Boeri Architetti put in place with the desire to make accessible this architectural typology, whose character of “exclusivity” has always been – using the words of its designer himself – a “limitation” both for its diffusion and its success.

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