February 29, 2012

    The first station of Casa.Italo will open its doors tomorrow at Milano Garibaldi  train station.

    photos by Daniele Iodice

    To meet travellers’ requirements in terms of speed, with a minimum time actually spent in the station, Casa .italo has an interactive exterior space, which enables tickets to be purchased, and displays train arrival and departure times without having to enter the hall itself. Large LCD monitors and ticket vending machines are included in this face of the structure, and, along with the red .Italo train profile, a large clock, and a LED strip display, they enable travellers to recognize Casa .italo inside the station.

    For travellers who need help, or a location at which to spend some time waiting for a train, Casa .italo provides services and waiting areas inside. The space is enclosed by a multi-function, high-technology wall which continues the flow of information supplied on the outside wall, offering further services to travellers: ticket issue, information on train arrival and departure, interfaces for internet use, the distribution of magazines and leaflets, fold-down seats, and litter bins. The perimeter of Casa .italo includes, built into the thickness of the wall, the technological systems for the various service units available. Proximity sensors detect the presence of people and change the function of touch screen monitors, transforming simple information panels into automatic ticket machines and vice-versa, in a dynamic environment that is capable of changing according to traveller requirements.


    Stefano Boeri Architetti (Stefano Boeri, Michele Brunello) / Architectural design

    Davide Rapp (project leader)
    Marco Brega (project coordinator)
    Luca Moscelli


    dotdotdot / Concept and Interaction design
    46xy / Graphic design
    Salottobuono / Architectural design
    Ferrari & Brocajoli SRL / Plant design
    Andrej Mikuz Architetto / Technical feasibility and calculation


    Cassina Contract

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