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Highlights CASA BOSCO


Casa Bosco is a project for low-cost, fast-construction, housing units prefabricated in wood. Derived from a concept of low density infill housing that is configured through the combination of series of  modules the project presents a series of distinctive characteristics:

1. The project it is ideal for unused small urban and periurban areas and can thus be used as to fill in or stitch together urban fabric while helping to re-launch policies for rent-based social housing.

2. Due to its flexibility, the project allows the composition of differentiated users (students, low income families, young couples, etc.) avoiding the creation of ghettos.
3. The presence of micro modules permits the participation of future inhabitants in the final layout of the apartment.
4. The extensive use of wood permits the activation of the complete production chain that within the Milanese area moves an articulated system of small and medium sized companies.
5. The project foresees the creation of a protocol of environmental compensation (planting of trees) that can activate a cycle of production and consumption of energy that does not produce waste (biomass derived from forest maintenance, intermediate products, production by proximity etc.).

Project Information
location: Milano, Italy
year: 2009
built area:

A proposal by Stefano Boeri Architteti e Camillo Agnoletto
Architectural Design: Stefano Boeri Architetti
Chiara Quinzii (Coordinatore)
Cristina Drapic
Corrado Longa
Davide Rapp