October 6, 2011

    Holistic Realm: Landscape / Urbanism / Architecture

    Originated from the Taoist philosophy and rooted in Chinese aesthetics, the theme of the Holistic Realms―subject and object unified as one, or “Wu Wo He Yi (物我合一)”―will be developed into new perspectives, concepts and strategies that reconsider the dualistic division between city and countryside, consumption and production, architecture and inhabitants. The exhibition seeks to introduce innovative solutions as well as experimental approaches to contemporary architectural issues that have both urban and ecological implications. Set in Chengdu which is located in the western part of China―a city distinguished by its unique culture and somewhat slower lifestyle―the Biennale also encourages original responses to development issues at local and regional levels.

    Curated by Prof. Zhi Wenjun, chief editor of the Time Architecture Magazine.

    Chengdu Industrial Civilization Museum locates at No.1 Jianshe Rd South, Chenghua District, Chengdu (China)

    30th September 2011- 30th November 2011

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