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On Sole24Ore an article that tells the rediscovery of the common space of roofs and terraces, capable of expanding the domestic dimension, partly replacing the public square during periods of high contagion intensity. As a semi-private meeting place, garden, outdoor gym, farm, vegetable garden or point of delivery and distribution of goods, in suburban neighbourhoods or in the city centre, in Italy and in the world the roofs are redesigned as a fifth green facade by Stefano Boeri Architetti, in the Tirana Riverside project.

Trees as a constitutive and compositional element are the recognizable signature of the Milanese architect Stefano Boeri who, together with his team, rethinks a zero-emission polycentric neighbourhood, containing all the essential services for citizens of the Albanian capital. A Smart (safe) Neighbourhood where the inhabitants will find themselves on the roofs, as before in the courtyards, between photovoltaic panels, laboratories and vegetable gardens.

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