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Green River is a urban reforestation project that Stefano Boeri Architetti, together with a multidisciplinary team (ARUP, Quinzii Terna Architettura, MIC – Mobility in Chain and Studio Laura Gatti) proposes in response to […]

  • Antwerp_Urban Tower_sunset view
Antwerp_Urban Tower_sunset view

Our project is an interpretation of a specific idea of urbanism which establishes rules and allows for the possibility of diversification. What we propose is actually a variation on an […]

Taranto Calling, the project of the team led by Stefano Boeri Architetti for the OpenTaranto competition, is among the 3 short-listed winners. The competition, promoted in 2016 by Invitalia, aims to […]

The “vision” for the future of Tirana from now until 2030 (TR030) could be defined, in large part, as a plan for landscape recovery. This is a kind of “kaleidoscopic […]

Liuzhou has a unique landscape of karst, the design inspiration  for the design blueprint and for building integration into the local landscape comes from the  characteristics of this mountain soil. […]

“Les Terraces des Cedres” is not just a tower, nor simply a tall residential building. It is the prototype of a new dwelling model, a building that combines the comfort […]

TIME park is a green oasis in the city where the speed of time flow progressively slows down by approaching its heart. HEART of the TIME-park is a place for […]

1 – We propose an exchange of properties that will allow private investors to develop the Nile waterfront – with the exception of a New Museum – and that […]

When we discussed with the team  how to answer the question “Live in the desert” in the Moroccan pavilion, we imagined that the big issue of an immense territory, largely desert, […]

The outdoor areas. The project aims to improve the image of the building through a series of interventions designed to get a significant energy efficiency in the entire property. The […]

Astana in 2017 will be the place where humanity will have the chance to experience and to compare the most advanced technologies that will empower the lives of 8 billion women […]

The project is the  brainchild  of the City of Milan to give a space to the Milanese associations that, despite their differences in origin and specific objectives,  share the common goal […]

The Wang Fu Jing site is located eight hundred meters away from the Forbidden City, on one of the historical commercial arteries of the city and one of the few central […]

The Skolkovo initiative tackles an array of themes that refer to both the past and, above all, the future of urban planning: how to design a new urban environment, how […]

The project for Siracusa’s waterfront is a reflection upon the nature of the space created between the city and the sea, and on the kind of relationship  these two powerful entities […]

1. CREATES A NECESSARY VOID WITHIN THE CITY Located within an area of high rise development the project chooses to minimize its built presence engendering new space for public uses. 2. […]

The project works in the city centre, introducing a different conception of a hospital, from the current one, made up of different pavilions, and organizing the new hospital as a unique conceptual […]

The Reconstruction of the Museum of L’Aquila is a place oriented to three historical levels, at the same time: towards the past, the present and the future of the city. A general […]

Designed as a contemporary living landmark, Solid Waves is a system that combines residence, green and public spaces and commercial and public infrastructure. Its unique and strong presence is a […]

The project of the Borgo Fiera (Fiera Village) has been designed as a definitive system. The strong urban character of the relation among the buildings is implemented through the choice of […]

The project is the result of a design competition for the conversion of an office block into a residential one. The aim is to give new value to the building, […]

  The new Z.I.P. Research Tower is a great field that reaches out  towards the sky. It is the material sign stating that in the place of sheds and industrial areas […]

Bio.Le is an experimental project that wants to reinterpret the traditional commercial format. Bio-Le is a big center for local agricultural trade, where commerce and agriculture have a common reference […]

Promoted by Siemens Real Estate, the 180,000 sqm master plan for the new SIEMENS Headquarters in Milan – the first 103,000 sqm phase of which is to be completed by the […]