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Green River is a urban reforestation project that Stefano Boeri Architetti, together with a multidisciplinary team (ARUP, Quinzii Terna Architettura, MIC – Mobility in Chain and Studio Laura Gatti) proposes in response to […]

  • Antwerp_Urban Tower_sunset view
Antwerp_Urban Tower_sunset view

Our project is an interpretation of a specific idea of urbanism which establishes rules and allows for the possibility of diversification. What we propose is actually a variation on an […]

“A square. A place where to eat local food specialities, by all means. But also a place to meet up, to play and to stay together, in a multifunctional covered […]

  Vertical Forest is a model for a sustainable residential building, a project for metropolitan reforestation contributing to the regeneration of the environment and urban biodiversity without the implication of […]

Shenzhen and other cities, are reaching a population of 60 million people. Shijiazhuang for its part, has a sad record: it is the city with the highest rate of air […]

Liuzhou has a unique landscape of karst, the design inspiration  for the design blueprint and for building integration into the local landscape comes from the  characteristics of this mountain soil. […]

Nanjing Green Towers, promoted by Nanjing Yang Zi State-owned National Investment Group, will be the first Vertical Forest built in Asia. Located in the Nanjing Pukou District (an area destined to […]

The Art Incubator forms part of the Isola Master Plan, one of the largest plans for the recovery of unused areas in central Milan. The project has been inserted into the area’s […]

Located in the 10 thousand peaks area, the project is inside a masterplan of 400 acres, in the Wanfeng Valley,  in Guizhou, China, recently listed by the New York Times […]

“Les Terraces des Cedres” is not just a tower, nor simply a tall residential building. It is the prototype of a new dwelling model, a building that combines the comfort […]

The project is located in a suburban area, which is the one of the last natural areas without development. Facing today such a rapid urbanization, this virgin land urgently needs […]

Winner of the international competition for LA VILLA in Marseille in 2004, the project foresees the construction of the new Centre Régional de la Méditerranée, a large multifunctional building overlooking […]

This project is for the renovation and renewal of No. 501 Jiujiang Rd., which is one of the most important landmarks of Old Shanghai, the original Shanghai Stock Exchange. It […]

Creativity, flow, congestion. Milano Design Week is one of the moments of greatest attraction of the creative class from all over the word. For one week the streets of Milan […]

The three floors of Forte villa in Shanghai are designed as two big volumes – a rectangular basement and a circular upper floor. Each of the volumes has at its center a […]

When we discussed with the team  how to answer the question “Live in the desert” in the Moroccan pavilion, we imagined that the big issue of an immense territory, largely desert, […]

The outdoor areas. The project aims to improve the image of the building through a series of interventions designed to get a significant energy efficiency in the entire property. The […]

On the northern side of the ex Arsenale, upon the quay, an area dedicated to hotel accommodation and services that includes a 100-room hotel, a spa and wellness center, a pool, […]

The project is the  brainchild  of the City of Milan to give a space to the Milanese associations that, despite their differences in origin and specific objectives,  share the common goal […]

The Park of Abitare of Lodi will be a new area to experience the most advanced systems related to sustainability and low energy consumption, as well as a new urban […]

Part of the 90,000 sqm Masterplan, won in the 2001 International Competition by Boeri Studio, Building A is a long, splint shaped building that borders the compound on Via Rizzoli. The 21,500 sqm volume […]

The Wang Fu Jing site is located eight hundred meters away from the Forbidden City, on one of the historical commercial arteries of the city and one of the few central […]

The Skolkovo initiative tackles an array of themes that refer to both the past and, above all, the future of urban planning: how to design a new urban environment, how […]

A LAND CHANGING ITS IDENTITY What once was a large monofunctional enclosure , that worked at an extra-territorial scale, becomes a space that is permeable once again, open to the surroundings. AN […]