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  • Tirana 030
Tirana 030

The “vision” for the future of Tirana from now until 2030 (TR030) could in large part be defined as a plan for the recovery of the landscape. And, given the [...]

Shenzhen and other cities, are reaching 60 million people. Shijiazhuang for its part, has a sad record: it is the city with the highest rate of air pollution in China. [...]

Liuzhou has a unique landscape of karst, the design inspiration comes from the characteristics of this mountain terrain to green mountain shape for the design blueprint and for building integration [...]

Astana in 2017 will be the place where humanity will have the chance to experience and to compare the most advanced technologies that will empower the lives of 8 billion women [...]

SUPERSTAR is a large urban square. The built presence is fully utilized to create new covered public spaces. A building that creates new urban land. SUPERSTAR is a contemporary landmark, [...]

The Skolkovo initiative tackles an array of themes that refer to both the past and, above all, the future of urban planning: how to design a new urban environment, how [...]

THE PORT AND THE ARCHIPELAGO. A project for the reformation of the seafront of La Maddalena. Moving the ferry terminal from the waterfront in Punta Chiara Amendola, opens a range [...]

Fiume Verde (Green River) is a continuous system of parks, forests, oases, gardens and orchards for sport and leisure, bound together by green corridors made on the railway freight terminals [...]

Regenerate doesn’t mean to rebuild or build within an area, but also to discover and to innovate while creating a network that brings together the existing built environment, the landscapes, [...]

Located in the 10 thousand peaks area, the project is inside a masterplan of 400 acres, in the Wanfeng Valley,  in Guizhou, China, recently named  by the New York Times [...]

 Part of the 1550.000 m2 recovery and restructuring project aimed at creating a public and mixed use complex surrounding the harbor of the ex military Arsenale at La Maddalena, House [...]

TIME park is a green oasis in the city where the speed of time flow slows down by approaching its heart. HEART of the TIME-park is a place for contemplation [...]

Expo Milano 2015 will be different. It will be the first Expo to be conceived during a major global economic crisis with greater awareness of the threats of Climate Change [...]

The project is located in a suburban area, which is the one of the last natural areas without development. Facing such a rapid urbanization today, this virgin land urgently needs [...]

1 – We propose an exchange of properties that will allow private investors to develop the Nile waterfront – with the exception of a New Museum – and will [...]

A LAND THAT CHANGES IDENTITY What once was a large monofunctional enclosure , that worked at an extra-territorial scale, becomes a space that is permeable once again, open to the surrounding [...]

The project for Siracusa’s waterfront is a reflection upon the nature of the space that creates between the city and the sea and on the kind of relationship that establishes [...]

The project of the Borgo Fiera (Fiera Village) has been designed as a definitive system. The strong urban character of the relation between the buildings is implemented through the choice [...]

THE TOWER IS GREEN The new Z.I.P. Research Tower is a great field that reaches towards the sky. It is the material sign that states that in the place of [...]

Metrobosco is a strong idea for the welfare of Milan’s metropolitan area: 3,000,000 new trees for new woods, parks and hedges in the country and along the ring roads. [...]

The project is oriented to the development of a new compact residential lot endowed with services  so as to on one hand complement the similar character that the old Paullese [...]

In Rome, in the area of Torre Spaccata, we purpose a Parco dell’abitare. Torre Spaccata is one of the 18 great nodal points of the urban and territorial growth [...]

Within the context of the port’s new regulatory plan, the study aims to verify a new type of harbour structure between the Dogana and Sanit piers, at the height of Via [...]

This project reflects on the nature of spaces between the city and the port, and identities a new intermediate ambit as an autonomous element, a finite area with its own [...]