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“A square. A place where to eat, by all means. But also a place to meet up, to play and to stay together, in a multifunctional covered space, with an […]

  • Pudong-airport_Sky-jungle_1

The concept of two multifunctional spaces inside Pudong Airport is inspired by biodiversity and their location. The lounge area in Terminal 2 is called Sky Jungle and it is inspired […]

The project of Sino Italy Design Center in Bejing is a space dedicated to the Culture of Design, from research to the choice of materials. In fact, the space, situated on […]

“Les Terraces des Cedres” is not just a tower, nor simply a tall residential building. It is the prototype of a new dwelling model, a building that combines the comfort […]

  • AEROEXPRESS terminal Sheremetyevo
AEROEXPRESS terminal Sheremetyevo

The project is developed for the spaces connecting Sheremetyevo Airport with the Aeroexpress Railway terminal. This space is characterized by two stripes, limiting the commercial zone and located next to the transition area. […]

This project is for the renovation and renewal of No. 501 Jiujiang Rd. which is one of the most important landmarks of the old Shanghai, the original Shanghai Stock Exchange. […]

  • Forte Villa courtyard
Forte Villa courtyard

The three floors of Forte villa in Shanghai are designed as two big volumes – a rectangular basement and a circular upper floor. Each of the volumes has at its center a […]

The outdoor areas. The project aims to improve the image of the building through a series of interventions designed to get a significant energy efficiency of the entire property. The […]

The Trophies Hall was designed as a fully lined box from trophies, distributed over the entire height of the walls, and with a single circular object at the center. An […]

Casa.italo is the new services centre for Italian stations of NTV-transport company. The project, which won a competition launched in early 2009 by the NTV transport company, originated from a […]

China View, a unique space above the city where people feel like floating in the air. The project proposes a sequence of translucent mutating light surfaces that create a suggestive […]

This multiplex cinema stands in a lot lying between a railroad and an important road (via Emilia), in a territory renowned for its entertainment facilities (Rimini and the seamless touristic […]

  • UCG Cinema_Rimini
UCG Cinema_Rimini

The Multiplex cinema is situated between the railways and an important street, via Emilia, within the area famous for its entertainment facilities: Rimini and the aglomeration of the Adriatic coast. In a […]

The boarding building (2360 sm) of former Falck steel manufactory plant was renovated and converted into an incubator for the development of small firms (BIC, business innovation centre). A new […]

This project appears to be quite similar to the former one: they have in common the nature of the existing building (changing-room of a former steel manufacture), the client (ASNM), and the […]