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  • Tirana 030
Tirana 030

The “vision” for the future of Tirana from now until 2030 (TR030) could in large part be defined as a plan for the recovery of the landscape. And, given the [...]

Liuzhou has a unique landscape of karst, the design inspiration comes from the characteristics of this mountain terrain to green mountain shape for the design blueprint and for building integration [...]

Astana in 2017 will be the place where humanity will have the chance to experience and to compare the most advanced technologies that will empower the lives of 8 billion women [...]

“Les Terraces des Cedres” is not just a tower, nor simply a tall residential building. It is the prototype of a new dwelling model, a building that combines the comfort [...]

TIME park is a green oasis in the city where the speed of time flow slows down by approaching its heart. HEART of the TIME-park is a place for contemplation [...]

1 – We propose an exchange of properties that will allow private investors to develop the Nile waterfront – with the exception of a New Museum – and will [...]

The project is born from the idea of the City of Milan to give a space to the Milanese associations that, in spite of their difference in origin and specific [...]

The project for Siracusa’s waterfront is a reflection upon the nature of the space that creates between the city and the sea and on the kind of relationship that establishes [...]

1. CREATES A NECESSARY VOID WITHIN THE CITY Located within an area of high rise development the project chooses to minimize its built presence engendering new space for public uses. 2. [...]

The project works in the city centre, introducing a different conception of a hospital, from the actual one, made by different pavilions and organizing the new hospital as a unique [...]

The project is a result of a design competition for the conversion of an office building into a residential one. The aim is to give new value to the building, [...]

THE TOWER IS GREEN The new Z.I.P. Research Tower is a great field that reaches towards the sky. It is the material sign that states that in the place of [...]

Bio.Le is an experimental project that wants to reinterpret the traditional commercial format. Bio-Le is a big center for agricultural local trade where commerce and agriculture have a common reference [...]

Promoted by Siemens Real Estate, the 180.000 square meter master plan for the new SIEMENS Headquarters in Milan, of which a first phase of 103,000 square meters is to be [...]

China View, a unique space above the city where people feel like floating in the air. The project proposes a sequence of translucent mutating light surfaces that create a suggestive [...]

The New Palazzo del Cinema is a big-scale device for performances, entertainment and research on moving images and visual arts. An architecture that develops around the space of a metamorphosis: [...]

In Caserta there is today an invisible space. A large area surrounded by a wall, which nobody knows about. The area is 33 hectares wide housing 500.000 cubic meters of barracks, hangars and warehouses for machinery. [...]

The aim of the project, developed together with OMA and 99IC on the bases of a competition issued by Genoa Port Authority, is to show that the city of Genoa [...]

The new cruise terminal is a building which belongs both to the port and to the city. Imagined as a complex urban building, it is both a transit space for [...]