Stefano Boeri Architetti | Architecture
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“Les Terrasses des Cedres” is not just a tower, nor simply a tall residential building. Is the prototype of a new dwelling model, a building that combines the comfort of [...]

This project is for the renovation and renewal of No. 501 Jiujiang Rd. which is one of the most important landmark of the old Shanghai, the original Shanghai Stock Exchange. [...]

Located in the 10 thousand peaks area, the project is inside a masterplan of 400 acres, in the Wanfeng Valley,  in Guizhou, China. Lately named  by the New York Times [...]

Vertical Forest is a model for a sustainable residential building, a project for metropolitan reforestation that contributes to the regeneration of the environment and urban biodiversity without the implication of [...]

Creativity, flow, congestion. Milano Design Week is one of the moments of greatest attraction of the creative class from all over the word. For one week the streets of Milan [...]

The outdoor areas The project aims to improve the image of the building through a series of interventions designed to get a significant energy efficiency of the entire property. The [...]

Winner of the international competition for LA VILLA in Marseille in 2004, the project foresees the construction of the new Centre Régional de la Méditerranée, a large multifunctional building overlooking [...]

The Wang Fu Jing site is located eight hundred meters distance from the Forbidden City, on one of the historical commercial arteries of the city and one of the few [...]

The Park of Abitare of Lodi will be a new area to experience the most advanced systems related to sustainability and low energy consumption, as well as a new urban [...]