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Video expo 2017 “the future above astana”

expo 2017 “the future above astana”

Expo in Astana 2017 was conceived as a place where humanity could experience and compare the most advanced technologies that will empower the lives of 8 billion women and men with a clean renewable energy, accessible to all. The “Future above Astana” project developed by Stefano Boeri Architetti and the 1 km “stalk”, a high tech/technology tower and a symbol of EXPO 2017, candidate themselves as a World Lab for the most advanced experiments in the fields of renewable energy sources, extraction, accumulation, storage and distribution of clean energy. The Astana Tower of the Third Industrial Revolution would be a manifesto for the emerging transition of the world economy to renewable energy consistent with the “Third Industrial Revolution” (TIR) concept developed by Jeremy Rifkin.