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Homepage en il sole 24 ore | mobility, urban forestry and the energy transition

il sole 24 ore
mobility, urban forestry and the energy transition

On Il Sole 24 Ore a profound reflection linked to the future of urban spaces and the way of building as a result of the dramatic current situation that puts the human being in front of the need for an urgent choice in relation with three fundamental aspects: mobility, Urban Forestry and the energy transition. The words of the architect Stefano Boeri pay attention to an urgent need to rethink the city realities in relation to renewable sources – provided by a network of local companies for the production of clean energy – and based on a new alliance between man and nature, between city and forest.

Stefano Boeri recalls the need to immediately activate as many large public investments in construction, which also help to restart the country’s economy, including monitoring and restoring all infrastructures supporting mobility, a targeted commitment to the restructuring of all public schools and building replacement of at least 4 million energy-deprived, obsolete and degraded houses. Particular attention must be paid to urban areas and their relationship with the context in which they are inserted, asking the municipalities to safeguard the agricultural countryside and the small settlements scattered throughout the territories of the central areas of the nation.

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