August 6, 2006

    On monday 26th july Stefano Boeri Architetti ran a public presentation to the port authority about ‘PUNTA VERDE’, a project for the recovery of Marina di Carrara merchant navy promoted by “Eco del Porto”, a developing agency founded by a group of local investors.

    PUNTA VERDE is an integrated project with a potential national interest (it is at the same time an environmental, urban, energetic and port project), the main aim of the project is to recovery Marina di Carrara merchant navy integrating it with a new touristic one. In that way it is possible to give an answer to five principle needs: improving the existing commercial harbour with a new Marina of around 620 new boat parking; reducing the coast erosion; avoiding to built in other litoral areas; improving the quantity and the quality of both the public spaces and coastal tourism facilities; creating a center of production and accumulation of clean energy. The main goal of PUNTA VERDE is to become a model of reference for the italian touristic ports due to the new social, cultural and economical opportunities offered by the different public spaces presents in the new harbour system.

    ‘PUNTA VERDE’ is composed by three parts:

    1. a green corridor connecting the city to the new intervention:

    a new urban pineta of around 18.000 smq will represent an environmental axis and it could be integrated with the green areas of the coast system and it will permit to have a shadowed walk path.

    2. a chain of commercial and hotel facilities supporting the old seawall: in addition to the more technical spaces as car and boathouses a new line of receptive commercial and recreational facilities will be an attraction for tourist and new reference point for Marina di Carrara inhabitants.

    3 – a new breakwater seawall integrated with solar and wind collector devices: the project has been conceived as a system of regeneration and environmental protection of the coast line.

    PUNTA VERDE. Project for a new touristic port. Marina di Carrarra – Marina di Massa

    Location: Marina di Carrara

    Promoted by: Agenzia Eco del Porto

    Year: 2010

    Architectural Design:

    Stefano Boeri Architetti

    Cap. l.c. Francesco Menconi

    Ing. Orlando Pandolfi

    Arch. Silvestro Telara

    Arch. Daniela Del Carlo


    Stefano Boeri Architetti (Stefano Boeri, Michele Brunello)


    Davor Popovich

    Daniele Iodice e Lorenza Baroncelli

    DHI Italia


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