March 15, 1998

    The municipality of Naples launched the project, for the recovery of the passengers area at the port of Naples, with the objective of giving the waterfront back to the city. Phase zero of this project was the installation of a temporary public space near the cruising boats port area: a symbolic act, razing to the ground the wall which severed this part of waterfront from the city: a promenade was then installed on its place.

    The promenade consisted in a wood-decked 350×14 metres catwalk, placed on a steel tubes structure. Along the catwalk wooden shelters and white marble blocks (as seats) were arranged. As the catwalk reached the foot of the massive Maschio Angioino castle, it widened, becoming a platform. The catwalk, installed in 1998, was recently dismantled.

    Project information

    location: Napoli, Italy
    commission: preliminary project
    year: 1998
    client: Società Porto Antico
    built area:
    budget: 310.000€

    Architectural Design:

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