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This project reflects on the nature of spaces between the city and the port, and identities a new intermediate ambit as an autonomous element, a defined area with its own language and characteristics, differing from the building and spaces of the port, as well as from those of the city.
Two-phase competition for the urban, architectural and functional re-qualifcation of the monumental area of the Port of Naples.

Med Park (Mediterranean Environmental Deck) is the new area in the Port of Naples dedicated to receiving passengers, travelers, tourists and residents.The project has three ordering principles: the rationalization of maritime and land practicability; a new urban park as a mediation between town and port activities; and the technological and environmental efficiency of infrastructure networks supported by the park and oriented towards safeguarding the environment and limiting energy consumption.

Project information

location: Napoli, Italy
commission: preliminary project
year: 2005
client: Autorità Portuale di Napoli-Nausicaa
built area: 52.000 sqm
budget: 83.000.000,00€

Architectural Design:
BOERISTUDIO (Stefano Boeri, Gianandrea Barreca, Giovanni La Varra)

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