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Sede Italiana

Via G. Donizetti, 4
20122 Milano IT


Project Information
Neviglia, Italy

The project is oriented to the development of a new compact residential lot endowed with services so as to on one hand complement the similar character that the “old Paullese” Avenue has acquired in recent years but at the same time so as to propose a new mode of relation with the landscape of the Parco Agricolo thus permitting cohabitation and reciprocal valorization of the notion of living in the park. The elongated and compact form of the site along the north-south axis has brought about the need to reflect upon the construction of a complex and articulated lot of different yet interconnectedresidential typologies.

Furthermire each of the presented hypotheses develops the notion that the new building may represent a urban landmark, located between two streets (new and old Paullese) and that this sign is also introductive to the will of the Maimieri industry to leave a mark of its presence by the construction of an open art museum where art installations will be conceived along with the architectonic definition.


Architectural Design
BOERISTUDIO (Stefano Boeri, Gianandrea Barreca, Giovani La Varra)