January 15, 2008


    The project counts on the development of a new residential area with  commercial and offices space around a park on about 6 hectares.

    The site is characterized by the presence of a series of conurbations organized along filaments along the different road axis.  The project is intended as a model of best practice regarding sustainable housing, social and typological mix and the potential of a new model of a house that develops or grows in time. In this sense the “house that grows”  is designed to offer flexibility to users; as a family  grows or shrinks so does the dwelling.  The range of typologies is wide yet all coincide in their intention offering the comfort of a private place within a space in which different

    constructions share large, common green spaces.

    Project Information
    Location: Jesi, Italy
    Year: 2007
    Client: Leonardo da Vinci Costruzioni s.r.l.
    Site area: 111.000 m2
    Constructed (Slp): 13.000 m2
    Number of dwellings: 150
    Number of inhabitants (projected): 500
    Program: residence, commerce, services, public park.

    Architectural Design
    BOERISTUDIO (Stefano Boeri, Gianandrea Barreca, Giovani La Varra)

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