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Sede Italiana

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The project for the Art Incubator is inserted within the Isola Masterplan, one of the vastest plans for the recovery of unused areas in the center of Milan.

It is intended as one of the new public buildings and is located on one of the limits of the future Parco della Biblioteca degli alberi (Library of Trees park) and in direct relation to the Fondazione Catella and its annex garden, thus constituting part of a new and significative space of encounter and sociability.

The new building, that substitutes the volume of its predecessor, a building of industrial character, intends to recuperate and remember in its use of simple and relatively economical materials, the productive nature of the area. From a volumetric point of view, the building offers otself as a covered gallery, a passageway between the city and the new park.

The project forsees the realization of spaces dedicated to handcraft and association activities of small workshops and craftspeople traditional in the area, within a two storey volume of almost 500 square meters.

Externally the building is a single, simple parallelepiped enriched with a series of elements that mediate between exterior and interior and thet serve to amplify the activities to be held outdoors; towards the south a large covered space that contains a large staircase to be used for public events, whiloe towards the east a large canopy shelters the lower part of the facade and part of the external paving.

Project Information
Location: Milano, Italia
Year: 2008 (on going)
Built area: around 800 mq

Architectural Design
Boeri Studio (Stefano Boeri, Gianandrea Barreca, Giovanni La Varra)