November 22, 1998

    Recovery of former factory, Falck area.
    The boarding building (2.360 sqm) of former Falck steel manufactory plant was renovated and converted into an incubator for the development of small firms (BIC, business innovation centre)

    A new façade, a glazed volume, and a cantilevered shed remark on the surface of the building the location of the new meeting.

    Project information

    location: Sesto San Giovanni, Milano, Italy
    commission: preliminary, final, executive project and works supervision
    year: 1998 (completed)
    client: ASNM (Agenzia Sviluppo Nord Milano)
    budget: 1.800.000,00€

    Architectural design:
    Boeri Studio (Stefano Boeri, Gianandrea Barreca, Giovanni La Varra)

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