March 5, 2010

    Initiated a year ago with the scope of hosting the G8 summit, recently moved to the earthquaked zone of L’Aquila, the constructions have reclaimed and equipped area of 155.000 sqm, providing with a series of port, receptive, formative and convention infrastructure that will transform the ex Arsenale at Maddalena into one of the principle nautical poles of the eastern Mediterranean.

    THE TOURISTIC HARBOUR: a docking and maintenance system for boats of up to 150m.
    All of the realized structures have been designed to serve, apart from their daily use, the visitors from the 700 spaces for boats available within the 128.000 sqm harbor that, guaranteeing a depth of between 4 and 7 meters , develops along 2km of new equipped quays. The eastern part of the quay will host, in addition to a series of commercial equipment, a large area destined for nautical maintenance.

    Ex Arsenal La Maddalena

    Project Information
    location: La Maddalena, Sardinia, Italy
    year: 2008-2009 (completed)
    client: Italian Department for Civil Protection and Autonomous Region of Sardegna
    commission: Redevelopment plan for ex Arsenale Militare of La Maddalena
    area: 155.000 sqm

    Architectural Design
    Stefano Boeri Architetti

    Stefano Boeri


    Michele Brunello (Project Coordination), Davor Popovic (Project leader House of the Sea and Sea Pavillion), Liverani / Molteni architets (Architect Responsible for the Catering Building), Barbara Cadeddu (Project leader for interventions outside the Arsenal),
 Marco Brega (Director Stefano Boeri Architetti)

    Javier Deferrari (House of the Sea, Sea Pavilion), Andrea Grippo (Master plan and external areas, Sea Pavilion)

    Andrea Barbierato (Sea Pavilion), Daniele Barillari (House of the Sea, Sea Pavilion), Mario Bastianelli (House of the Sea), Maurizio Burragato (Sea Pavilion), Marco Dessì (Master plan and external areas), Marco Giorgio (House of the Sea), Costantina Verzì (Master plan and external areas)

    with the contribution of:
    Alessandro Agosti, Lorenza Baroncelli, Stefano Baseggio, Kristina Drapic, Moataz Faissal Farid, Stefano Onnis, Corrado Longa,
Fabrizio Piras, Davide Rapp, Sebastian Russi, Walter Dejana

    Maddalena De Ferrari e Andrea Balestrero gruppo A12 (furnishing and outdoor areas), Emanuela Borio & Laura Gatti (Landscape Design), Favero & Milan (technical consultants), Ferrara Palladino (lighting), Attu Studio (video), Stack Studios (visualization Area 4), ONE & OFF e Sebastiano Conti Gallienti (models), Cesare Monti (Bodino Engineering)

    Prof. Ing. Tommaso Albanesi, Ing. Simone Senesi

    Prof. Ing. Silvio Albanesi (General Consultant), Ing. Luca Emiliani (Sea Pavilion)

    Enrico Battistelli, Veronica del Grammastro, Massimo Guiducci, Mirko Malatesta, Giovanna Nardini, Mirco Piersimoni, Vito Praia, Paola Sanchioni, Daniele Santoni, Michele Stramigioli
    MEP Engineering: ENETEC S.R.L.
Ing. Renato Tito

    Giorgio Landolfi (General Project and External Coordination), Simone Schowick (Thermal systems supervision), Emanuele Marrocchi (Thermal, hydric and external systems supervision), Adelio Pierella (Electrical systems), Ciro Boccarrato (Electrical systems), Claudio Carbonetti (Special Systems )
Roberto Amatucci, Alessandro Andolfi, Riccardo Comandè, Daniele Cartoni, Daniela Gatti, Gaetano Cugno

    Special thanks to Bodino Engineering, GVM Giulio Vanelli Marmi, and all the other companies that have worked for the realization of the project.

    [vsw id=”10579935″ source=”vimeo” width=”600″ height=”450″ autoplay=”no”]

    [vsw id=”10579935″” source=”vimeo” width=”600″ height=”450″ autoplay=”no”]

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