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THE TOWER IS GREEN_The new Z.I.P. Research Tower is a great field that reaches towards the sky. It is the material sign that states that in the place of the sheds and industrial areas within the ZIP, a new generation of productive activity is being born.

Men and women that produce ideas and services, that invent high technology prototypes; that commercialize non material, high quality goods in the global market. The new Z.I.P. Research Tower is a wave of landscape. It is a movement of the ground that results in an emergence in the territory. The rising of a horizontal platform that hosts, under its green covering, the CNR laboratories and that transforms in a tall blade of offices and lighter laboratories. A vertical monument to innovation that looks to the north with a large transparent façade and protects itself towards the south with a green façade that contributes to reduce energetic consumption. The new ZIP Research Tower is a beacon in the Pianura Padana. It is a landmark along the Torino Venice axis. The last of a series of iconic buildings that accompany the course of the highway that crosses the plain and provide a rhythm to perception in movement: the great exhibition sail of Rho, the red drape between Bergamo and the Adda, the chromed chimney of the incinerator at Brescia…a sequence of large contemporary icons that act as introduction to the landscapes of the Laguna and its island-city.

Project information

location: Milano, Italy
commission: preliminary project
year: 2008
built area:

Architectural Design:
BOERISTUDIO (Stefano Boeri, Gianandrea Barreca, Giovanni La Varra)
Seprin Scarl (Arturo Donadio, Andrea Sala), Ingea S.R.L (Francesco Zanini), Camillo Agnoletto, Stefano Bellintani, Daniele Barillari, Alberto Mazzucato, Rosario Picciotto, Domenico Schiesari.


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