March 5, 2010

    The project is born from the idea of the City of Milan to give a space to the Milanese associations that, in spite of their difference in origin and specific objectives,  share a common target of endorsing and building up the collective memory of Milan.

    The inspirational principles behind the National Association of Italian Partigiani (A.N.P.I.), National Association of Ex Deportees (ANED), the National Institute for the History of the Movement of Liberation (INSMLI) or the Italian Association for Victims of Terrorism (AIVITER) is in fact to fight against collective amnesia, maintaining and augmenting the recollection of the political and violent events that have lacerated Milan’s – and Italy’s – history during the last 60 years.

    Project Information
    Location: Milano, Italy
    Commission: Feasibility study
    Year: 2009
    Promoted by: Comune di Milano Assessorato alla casa
    Client: Hines Italia
    Surface: 1.460 m2

    Architectural Design
    BOERISTUDIO (Stefano Boeri, Gianandrea Barreca, Giovanni La Varra)

    Team:  Gianni Bertoldi (Project leader), Francisca Insulza, Alessandro Agosti, Stefano Baseggi, Pietro Pezzani, Davor Popovic, Lavinia Modesti, Davide Rapp.


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