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The project for the Borgo Fiera (Fiera Village) has been designed as a definitive system. The strong urban charcater of the relation between the buildings os implemneted through the choice of a distinct separation of the green elements and the pedestrian surfaces: the public space between buildings has been designed at a height of +6.50m in continuity with the existing central path of the fiera.

So as to reinforce its unitary charcter, the project has been designed in a fixed height, the only exception being a tower capable of signalling a territorial reference point and to host, according to a series of possible configurations, temporary residence or office services.
The perimeter of the new Borgo Fiera settlement has been designed as a continuous form leaving to the internal facades the articulation of the typological variations that are needed for the construction of a compelx urban system.
In analogy with the variation of the facades the roofs are articulated in a series of solutions. Apart from a series of spaces for the placement of solar panels (for production of hot water and electricity) the projects for the fifth facade include the use of transparent roofs and above all green roofs and usable terraces.
The space of relation between buildings, completetly paved and pedestrian, has been conceived as a large device for the collection of rainwater to be used both for lavatory facilities and the irrigation system for the park.

With regards to the program, public functions have been located on the ground floor while additional workshop spaces and exhibition venues have been distributed. The central space, covered with a large round roof, is programmed for restaurant and lobby spaces linked to the Fair. The functional, flexible program of the Fiera are organized, in variable scenarios, within the higher floors of the compact volume. In general the typological articulation of the builidngs and the functional relations related to the different models of construction constitute an urban environment that is strongly characterized while offering the possibility of thematically declinating the spaces of the Borgo.

Project Information

Location: Novara, Italy
Year: 2009
Commission: Competition – preliminary design
Built area:

Architectural Design:
Stefano Boeri Architetti
Team: Davor Popovic, Pietro Chiodi, Martina Barcelloni Corti, Moataz Farid.