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green buildings. literally

Vertical Forests are spreading around the world, making it possible to speak about “green movement”. The Wall Street Journal makes a focus on architecture literally spousing nature. In the common imagination “green” buildings mean structures built in respect of environmental requirements and energy efficiency. But, increasingly, buildings are becoming literally green, as cities and companies around the world embrace biophilic design—the concept of surrounding buildings with nature, even on their upper floors, and bringing the outdoors indoors by including natural elements in their interior design. Biophilic design can result in significant energy savings and wellbeing of the inhabitants, besides of obvious aesthetic advantages of a more natural living and working environment.

“Biophilic design has earned some prestigious recognition. The two towers of the Bosco Verticale apartment complex in Milan are clothed in staggered terraces featuring about 800 trees—enough to cover a 2 hectares forest.” The project won Europe’s International High-Rise Award in 2014 for the continent’s most innovative building, CTBUH 2015 Award as the Best Tall Building worldwide and has literally become an icon of Milan for tourists and common citizens.

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