March 15, 1997

In the Monte Amiata hills, near Grosseto, ENEL (Ente Pubblico Italiano dell’Energia Elettrica – publicly owned Italian electricity company) assigned BOERI STUDIO to design and construct a large geothermal power station with less possible visual impact on the environment.

Though instead of hiding or concealing the plant behind a camouflage, we decided to transform it into a landmark, giving it back architectural dignity and enhancing its grandeur in the Tuscany landscape.
The new power station is composed – additional to two turbine halls and a cooling towers – of a system of cor-ten steel ribs of various lengths, self-supporting and hanging above the plant building, and two large steel panels to protect the short sides of the cooling tower’s control centre. This large hanging structure creates a close relation between the two plants, thus making the overall enclave a complete figure interacting with the surrounding wild landscape of Monte Amiata.

Project information

location: Milan, Italy
commission: preliminary project
year: 1997
client: ENEL
built area: 6.400 sqm
budget: 720.000 €

Architectural Design:

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