BIO.LE – Lecce Masterplan

February 5, 2009

Bio.Le is an experimental project that wants to reinterpretate the traditional commercial formatInformazioni Progetto

luogo: Lecce, Italy
anno: 2008
incarico:progetto preliminare
superficie costruita:

Progetto architettonico:
Stefano Boeri Architetti
Bio-Le is a big center for agricultural local trade where commerce and agriculture have a common reference and get new synergies and copetitiveness on the trade.
Bio.Le’s ambition is to become one of the biggest pole of the city expecially for urban economy.
Bio.Le is on an area of about 180.000 sqm in which housing with strong interaction with the urban context and a social mix program. The buildings will be characterized by eco-friendly materials and sustainable environment.

Project Information

location: Lecce, Italy
year: 2008
built area:

Architectural Design:
Stefano Boeri Architetti

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